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Status updated: 15th Apr, 2018
Anyone heard from him. Haven't heard back yet since Feb 23rd email, Facebook, Instagram, and I called and no answer. - View Post

Status updated: 2nd Feb, 2018
This new Sig P320 APLC MTR is looking crisp and clean. . . . #sigsauer #sig #sigp320 #sigfanatics #siglegion #aplc #inforceaplc #appendixcarry #aiwb #concealedcarry #gunfighter #ksguncomm #urbanmulticam #multicam #multicamblack #customkydex #customholster #kydex #kydexholster #kydexdaily #kydexpro - View Post

Status updated: 17th Jan, 2018
Here's a few add on options for the MTR. Right now offering the KaBar small TDI and if you're wanting to add on an extra mag carrier. Looking to add to the short fixed blade selection. - View Post

Status updated: 9th Jan, 2018
Here's a couple of G17 MTR Rigs, one with Surefire XC-1. - View Post

Status updated: 30th Nov, 2017
A couple M&P rigs heading out. These will fit the 1.0/2.0 4.25" and 2.0 compact. - View Post

Status updated: 24th Nov, 2017
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to take the time to say how thankful I am for all the great customers I have. Also for the support you guys and gals have given us. - View Post

Status updated: 23rd Nov, 2017
Howdy Jason, I'm interested in AIWB for my KelTec P11 and a magazine. Is this possible? And congratulations on the birth of your blessing from God, little Jaxon. You are blessed Jason! Pastor Ron Stauffer - View Post

Status updated: 15th Nov, 2017
Sig P229 is now available for the MTR and IWB/AIWB. - View Post

Status updated: 25th Oct, 2017
Got some g19 MTR's with just some of the weapon lights we offer. - View Post

Status updated: 13th Oct, 2017
Would like to introduce everyone to baby Jaxon, he came yesterday afternoon. Mom did a great job and both of them are doing great. - View Post

Status updated: 9th Oct, 2017
Jason... how much does it cost for an appendix holster as shown in camo blue with graphite black back(holster and mag for Glock 19 gen 5 ? Please e-mail me at: Thank you for addressing this issue for men. Sincerely, Charlie Butterick - View Post

Status updated: 5th Oct, 2017
Here's some g19 MTRs, a couple with APLC and a XC1. - View Post

Status updated: 4th Oct, 2017
I'm looking for an appendix rig for my G43 and saw your holster in a Tactical-Toolbox video. How much do they run? - View Post

Status updated: 2nd Oct, 2017
I don't normally post anything personal on this page but in the next week or so there will be a huge life change in my life. My wife will be having our first child, this is something we thought would never happen. After 7 years of trying and going through the let down of not being able to conceive, we just decided to give up and except that we'll never have a child of our own. We decided to leave it in God's hands and if it's meant to be, it'll happen. When she told me the news, I couldn't believe that it's actually going to happen. Fast forward 9 months and I still can't believe it's going to happen. I will keep everyone posted and I've been working everyday and some late nights to keep orders going out. When our little boy gets here I'll be taking a couple of days off. Thank you for your patience and understanding. - View Post


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